5.7-Based 392 Stroker

Includes VVT & Non-VVT Motors
Product No.

N/A or Forced Induction: $5,350

6.1-Based 426 Stroker

Product No. OST-61-426
N/A or Forced Induction: $5,350

6.4-Based 426 Stroker

Product No. OST-64-426
N/A or Forced Induction: $5,350

6.2-Based 433 Stroker

Product No. OST-HC-433
Forced Induction: $6,100

Shortblock Details

Pricing includes the following: Proprietary honing; proprietary oiling system modification; forged Manley crankshaft, Manley rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts, and Manley pistons; custom ring package; durable rod and main bearings; block resurfacing; rotating assembly balanced & assembled; line bore; and ARP main studs. The 6.2-based 433 motors use Manley "Turbo-Tuff" I-beam rods, HD wrist pins, and HD pistons.

The customer will provide a rebuildable core block of the same type used for the shortblock build or pay a core charge based on market pricing.

Add a camshaft to your engine build as there will never be a better time for installation. Our camshafts can be found HERE.