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OST Cam Phaser Limiter - $35

Because we are installing so many of our VVT cams, we had to come up with a solution to purchasing an expensive Comp limiter kit for every job. It's also a shame to constantly throw away the tooling that comes in the kit. That's why we developed replacement limiters for a fraction of the cost of the Comp kit.

We keep these in stock as much as possible. Installation is identical to the Comp limiter. 

Hellcat Supercharger Pin Holder - $50

This tool is made of 1/2" thick mild steel and allows a 1/2" drive breaker bar to fit perfectly and tightly into it. There is no play whatsoever making the stress on the supercharger pins minimal. Because the tool utilizes a breaker bar rather than bolting to the supercharger snout, you do not need a vice to hold the snout. This reduces the risk of scratching or damaging the snout. For these reasons we believe this tool to be superior to any other option on the market that we have tested.

VVT Crank Spacer for Manley Crank - $35

When installing an aftermarket crankshaft into your VVT block, you will need this spacer to align the oil pump drive and crank pulley on the snout. These are expensive and hard to obtain so we machine our own. We have used these in every VVT shortblock we have built.

Hellcat Crank Pin Kit- $79.99

Recommend for all Hellcat, Demon, Red Eye and Trackhawk lower pulleys (stock or aftermarket). Our pinning kit creates a 3/4" long keyway preventing the crank pulley from spinning on the crank, remember pin it before you spin it!

Kit includes the following:
- Pinning fixture
- Bolt for pinning fixture (Hellcat)
- (2) .250 X .750 dowel pins - for the customers who wish to double pin
- .250 HSS drill bit
- Detailed instructions with photos


Hellcat Fuel Tank Drain Kit - $35

This kit allows you to seamlessly tap into the factory Hellcat fuel line at the fuel rails. Jumping the fuel pump relay in the trunk with the supplied jumper will allow you to drain the tank for race fuel tuning or track days. Instructions are included to eliminate any guesswork.