In-House Dyno Tuning

All tuning prices are based on a four hour tuning session. Additional tuning time will be billed at a rate of $175 per hour. 
Vehicles that are highly modified will generally require more than the allotted 4 hour tuning session.

Please do not schedule dyno tuning until you are certain that your car is ready for the dyno. If your car arrives here for a scheduled tune and we determine that it is not safe to run on the dyno or if there are mechanical/safety issues we will cancel your appointment and you will forfeit your deposit. 

Please Read! We will not perform any tuning modification related to defeating emission control systems. If your vehicle has emission control components that are not operating as intended your car will have Check Engine Lights (CEL's) for those components. We will not perform any type of overrides in the tuning software. 

Note: All 2015+ Chrysler vehicles will require a PCM unlock. All 2018+ Chrysler vehicles will also require the purchase and installation of a security bypass cable. All 2018+ Chrysler vehicles will be charged an additional $100 for the labor needed for bypass installation and SKIM Security override process (2019+).

Deposits: A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to schedule in-house dyno tuning. If for any reason you are not able to make your appointment your money will not be refunded. If you call at least 7 days before your scheduled appointment to reschedule we will apply your deposit to your future appointment and we will request an additional $100 non-refundable deposit. Please do not schedule dyno tuning until you are certain that your car is ready for the dyno. 

Important! Tuning prices listed below do not include the cost of HPtuners credits. The prices listed below are what we charge for our service and do not include the cost of the credits that HPtuners charges us. HPtuners credits are $50 each. You can determine how many credits your car will require here:

Online Non-Refundable Deposit Option:
If you have contacted us by email, we have provided you with a potential tuning date and you would like to secure that date you can make your non-refundable deposit using the button below. Be sure to send a follow-up email to indicating that you have made payment.

In-House Dyno Tune Deposit: $250     


In-house or Phone Consulting
We offer this service to our customers who wish to consult with our experienced and professional staff about a future or existing build. The fee is $100/hr with a one hour minimum and a two hour maximum. When you purchase this option please email us your contact information and several date/times that you would be available for the consult. We will reply with a specific date and time generally within 3-5 business days (depending on our current workload). Consults are limited to Monday-Friday 9-4pm EST.

Be sure to send a follow-up email to indicating that you have made payment.

One Hour Consulting: $100     

Two Hour Consulting: $200     


        Hellcat/Demon/Trackhawk (add $100 for 2018+)
                  Stock to Mildly Modified                                                $650
                  Modified                                                                                  $850
                  Whipple w/oval TB or Highly Modified                  $950
                  TCM Tuning (raised WOT shifts only)                      $300
                  TCM Tuning - Complete Re-map                                $500


        Non-Hellcat (add $100 for 2018+)
                  Mild Naturally Aspirated                                                 $550

                  Forced Induction or Highly Modified N/A             $750
                   Highly Modified Forced Induction                              $850
                  TCM Tuning (raised WOT shifts only)                      $300
                  TCM Tuning - complete Re-map                                $500

General Motors

Important! Tuning prices listed below do not include the cost of HPtuners credits. HPtuners credits are $50 each. Prices also do not include PCM/TCM unlocking services that are required for some 2017+ vehicles (2017+ 8 and 10 speed TCM's, 2019+ trucks and ZR1's). You can determine how many credits your car will require here:

Gen 5
                  Mild Naturally Aspirated                                              $650
                  Forced Induction or Highly Modified N/A           $750
                  TCM Tuning                                                                          $300

 Pre-Gen 5 (includes TCM tuning)
                  Mild Naturally Aspirated                                                       $550
                 Forced Induction or Highly Modified N/A             $650

Re-tuning (injector change, cam change, fuel change etc.) for both GM and Mopar is billed at $175/hour

Tuning Options for Carbureted Vehicles


Although we have a strong background in tuning carbureted vehicles, in the past we have declined providing support for these vehicles due to the following:

  • Almost all of these vehicles arrived at our shop with numerous problems making proper tuning impossible without additional shop time correcting mechanical/electrical issues.
  • Due to the extra shop time involved the tuning bill was significantly higher than our standard non-carbureted vehicle tuning fee.
  • Many of these vehicles had owner modifications (wiring, control boxes, modified distributors, aftermarket components, etc.) that we had to validate and occasionally reinstall to our standards.
  • Tuning sessions scheduled for four hours consistently turned into 8+ hours of shop time, 5-6 hours of tuning time and a substantial bill for the customer.
  • Due to the high demand for this service we have developed a limited service option that we hope will properly set expectations and budgeting for our customers.

Tuning Options

Based on the above we have decided to reinstate tuning support for these vehicles on a very limited basis. Vehicles scheduled for tuning must meet the following criteria:

  • Holley Carburetors only.
  • Vehicle must run and preferably be able to drive.
  • Vehicle must be dropped off at the shop for at least 3-4 days.


Before tuning the following diagnostics will be performed:

  • Locate TDC and mark crank damper or pulley accordingly. Install pointer if required (additional cost).
  • Remove distributor, verify rotor alignment, examine components and replace if needed.
  • Compression test on all cylinders.
  • Verify spark plug condition and plug gaps.
  • Vacuum test for proper power valve selection.
  • Examine entire vehicle for leaks, component installation and general safety for dyno testing.
  • If any repairs are deemed necessary we will contact the customer. The car can be retrieved by the customer, corrections made and tuning rescheduled.
  • If the vehicle requires repairs the tuning fee will not be discounted or refunded. We may apply a portion of the fee to the next session depending on the circumstances.
  • If work is to be performed by us the standard shop rate will apply and work will be scheduled behind existing scheduled work. This may be as long as a 3-4 month wait which may require the customer to retrieve the vehicle and bring it back for the scheduled work.


Tuning will include the following:

  • Adjust timing and fueling for drivability.
  • Adjust timing and fuel for wide open throttle.
  • Fueling modifications include primary and secondary jetting, primary side power valve calibration, accelerator pump calibration (replacement parts are an additional cost if needed).
  • Adjustment of kickdown linkage where applicable.
  • Dynamometer testing.
  • If the carb is choke equipped cold, warm and hot start will be adjusted if possible.
  • Optional race fuel tuning if desired with timing settings recorded for the customer.
  • Street drivability testing for street legal cars.
  • Track support for cars attending our track rentals


            The initial scheduling fee will be $1200. This will cover the diagnostics procedures and tuning described above. The initial fee will cover up to 8 hours of shop and tuning time. If the work exceeds that time the customer will be notified and can decide how they prefer to proceed. This fee will not include parts or additional labor if required. There are no refunds on this fee once the tuning session is scheduled. 

Important Note: As stated above, due to our extremely full schedule, if additional labor is required the customer may be required to retrieve the vehicle until the modifications can be performed or corrected.