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Owner & Tuner - Mike Doban

Mike Doban has been racing and tuning high horsepower cars for 40 years and knows Mopars like the back of his hand. In 2007 Mike started searching for someone to offer him dyno time but no shops were available in the area. Seeing a need, Mike went out and bought his own Mustang dynamometer. Thus OST Dyno was started. The business began in his personal garage and grew quickly. The steady growth in business necessitated an expansion to a commercial location. In the Spring of 2015 the shop relocated to a much larger facility. With this move the decision was made to purchase a second Mustang dyno. In an effort to support the expanding customer base an AWD dyno was purchased. Mike is highly recognized for his automotive tuning skills on the dyno at OST as well as at the track. Mike also travels to various shops around the US and Canada for onsite tuning. He also tunes cars “live remote” over the internet or via email in the US, Canada, Mexico, UAE and Australia. He has a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and currently holds a full time job at American Eagle managing the Database Administration team.

Phone: 724-368-9000

Senior Performance Technician - Micah Doban

Micah, Mike's son, grew up around horsepower thanks to his father. Working on his dad’s cars, motorcycles, farm, and construction equipment he quickly learned and eventually became responsible for mechanical maintenance. Through the years he has purchased and rebuilt several motorcylces and various vehicles but his true love is cars. At the age of 14 he purchased his first “basket case” car – a 1990 Honda Prelude. He rebuilt the Prelude, sold it, and purchased a 1990 Acura Integra. At the age of 15 he purchase another “basket case” vehicle: a 1991 Honda Civic. He swapped in an Acura engine, added nitrous and began racing at the local dragstrip. At age 16 he fabricated his own turbo system for the Civic and began competing in the local “Flashlight Drags” taking the “Top Import” award at his first event. Working together he and Mike have grown their shop from a location at their house to a full service performance shop servicing customers locally and from many locations in the US and Canada. Micah is skilled in fabrication, welding, and turbo system design. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. Micah currently works full time at the shop and can be reached by phone or email during normal business hours.

Phone: 724-368-9000

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Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm

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113 Burns Rd.
Slippery Rock, PA 16057