Policies and Procedures

If you are considering utilizing any of our services please carefully read and become familiar with the policies and procedures listed below prior to scheduling work on your vehicle.  It is not unusual for customers to wait 3-4 months (or longer) to get on our schedule to begin work on their vehicles. We process a large volume of vehicles each month and make every effort to perform scheduled work as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to maintain that efficiency we have developed specific policies to support this process. We diligently adhere to these policies and procedures so that work scheduled in the shop can be completed efficiently and in a timely manner. We also rely on these policies and procedures to maintain safety for both our employees and customers. 

NEW: Due to a recent change imposed upon us by the credit card company  (They will begin withholding the fees for any purchases made regardless of the reason for us refunding the charges to the customer) we cannot refund the credit card fees charged to us on any purchase made (including returns, cancellations etc.).  This fee withholding policy begins 10/16/19. 

Proposals for Performance Modifications and Tuning
                Our proposals are detailed and prepared with the intention of eliminating any hidden or surprise charges. This process is very time consuming. Our policy is to provide an initial proposal and then up to two revised proposals at no charge. If the desired modifications continue to change and additional proposals are requested we offer a personal consulting service at a rate of $100/hr. to assist customers in identifying exactly what modifications are desired/recommended as well as produce additional proposals. 

Performance Modifications
    Changes to Scheduled Work

                We strongly recommend that all intended modifications be finalized before scheduling work. We realize that on occasions customers wish to make additional modifications after work is scheduled. In the cases where changes to scheduled work occur please be aware that it may significantly delay the completion of work on your vehicle. If this situation occurs and the changes would require delays to other scheduled work in the shop we will move your vehicle to an “as time permits” status (see definition below).

    Unexpected Complications
              All of our proposals for work are based on a vehicle being in “New” or “Like New” condition. Many of the cars we provide proposals for are from out of state and we have not physically examined. Unless we are informed of specific modifications that would impact normal work completion times we will assume that the vehicle is in the exact condition as originally manufactured. If the vehicle is not in OEM condition and the changes impact the scheduled work, the completion time/cost could be delayed.

Other common “unexpected complications” include but are not limited to:
- Improperly installed prior modifications/components
- Incorrect customer supplied parts   
- Improper aftermarket electrical component wiring
- Evidence of potential engine damage from previous tuning, poor quality fuel, low oil pressure etc.
- Faulty/unsafe OEM components
If any of these (or similar) situations occurs and the changes are enough to delay other scheduled work in the shop we will move your vehicle to an “as time permits” status.

                If work is scheduled, the deposit paid and then the work is cancelled there will be a 25% restocking fee on all non-custom ordered parts. Custom ordered parts cannot be restocked or have a refund provided. If there has been more than three proposals or proposal modifications made in the scheduling of this work (see "Proposals for Performance Modifications" above) our standard consulting fee of $100/hr. will be charged for the time spent modifying proposals (in excess of three proposals). 

 In-House Tuning
               Tuning of high performance vehicles is a complex process. We perform this service very methodically and with every aspect of vehicle and shop personnel safety in mind. To have a vehicle placed on our tuning schedule requires a $250 non-refundable deposit. If a vehicle is delivered for tuning only and we determine that it is not safe to place on the dyno or drive on the street we will decline to proceed with the tuning until the defective/dangerous items are corrected. If you wish to have us perform the required corrections/modifications we will make every effort to complete the changes in a timely manner. However, if this situation occurs and the changes are enough to delay other scheduled work in the shop we will move your vehicle to an “as time permits” status. 
Important Note: Due to increased complexities with later model vehicles (2018+) there may be additional time and costs involved if the tuning templates have to be requested from HPTuners or issues related to the Security Gateway, FCW or other unknown issues arise. 

For general information on In-House tuning please review the following:

Remote Tuning
                This is a service that we offer outside of our normal day to day operations at the shop and is handled via email only. Due to the extremely high volume of remote tuning there will often be at least a 24 hour delay in responses to emails. Expected email delay times will be maintained in the signature section of all email responses so that our remote tuning customers can be properly informed.

Our remote tuning “Policies and Procedures” can be found here:

Online Sales
                Our online sales policies and procedures can be found here:

"As Time Permits" Status 
               Vehicles will enter this status when unscheduled additions to work are requested or unexpected complications occur that are beyond our control. In fairness to all customers it would be inappropriate to allow delays (beyond our control only) on one customers vehicle to negatively impact other scheduled work in the shop. Due to the high volume of cars that we process each month, the 3-4 month waiting period (or longer) to have a vehicle enter our shop for modifications and the need to keep the scheduled work completed in a timely manner we will move vehicles to an "as time permits" status when required. When cars are in this status we will make every effort to complete the required work as quickly as possible. However, the previously scheduled work will take priority. There may also be delays depending on the man hours required, parts availability etc. to complete the unscheduled work. We will always inform a customer when these situations occur and of being moved to this status as well as communicate updates when available. 

Customer Supplied Parts
              If a customer supplies parts that were not purchased through OST Dyno additional labor charges will apply.

             When scheduling installations and performance modifications please be certain that you can make the scheduled date before committing. Please understand that we are generally scheduled out 3-4 months in advance. If you schedule an appointment and then for reasons beyond our control you need to reschedule you will be added to the schedule at our next available opening - which most likely will be several months out. We will make every effort to accommodate reschedules but please understand that we are very limited on options and extended wait times are likely. Cancellations without reschedules will be subject to restocking and cancellation fees. Custom ordered products can not be restocked.