Reviews & Testimonials

John Curtis - New Castle, PA - Supercharged Jeep JK on 35s

After purchasing a 2016 Wrangler and putting on a lift with 35" tires, I was in need of better engine performance. Doing a lot of research on my own, I was becoming quite confused. Luckily a friend recommended that I contact OST Dyno in Portersville, PA. I called and spoke with Micah Doban asking several questions. His answers, suggestions, and knowledge were quite impressive. I knew I was in good hands. Micah recommended installing a Sprintex supercharger, taking care of the PCM unlock, and changing out the factory exhaust to a dual which is a newly developed system by MRT of Plymouth, MI. It was a go!

 When the work was finished and after taking the Wrangler for a test drive, I was amazed at the increased acceleration, torque and overall performance. The exhaust looks and sounds great. WOW what a difference!!!

 I find Micah and his father Michael Doban of OST Dyno to be true professionals with the experience to work on various makes of vehicles. I would recommend them to everyone.

 A very satisfied customer,
 John C.

Chris Paskaruk – Houston, TX – Supercharged Aluminum-Block 426c.i. Challenger R/T

You can't go wrong having your car tuned by Mike! Awesome first pass after Mike tuned my car for E98 fuel! Personal best of 9.72 @139.98mph and that is with me getting out of it on the top end because of almost crossing lanes. My build is a 2008 Challenger with a 426 aluminum block and 4.2 KenneBell supercharger. The car is also full weight at 4510lbs! I'm extremely pleased with these first results and more to come with some fine tuning from Mike. Good stuff, Mike, really appreciated the work!

Sam Mahdavi – Atlanta, GA – Turbocharged Jeep JK on 37s

Mike Doban at OST Dyno is a pimp; a very talented, knowledgeable, and patient dude. I was very impressed working with him on our latest Turbo Jeep project. Each adjustment made a world of difference. We finally got the jeep running perfectly both partial throttle and full throttle. No engine codes and it runs like a dream. It's a 6 speed Jeep making an additional 120ft-lb of torque and 80whp to the 37" tires. This was a street kit making 7psi and barking second gear. So thank you very much, I plan on doing much more work with Mike in the future. I suggest you guys get your Mopar tuned by none other than Mike Doban.

Nick Mendolia – Charlotte, NC – Charger R/T w/ 440c.i. Stroker

“I couldn’t be happier with the results of my tune from Mike Doban at OST Dyno. Having a fairly radical N/A setup on my ’06 Charger with a 440 stroker, tuning has always been hit or miss, and I’ve accepted that it was no longer a truly reliable daily driver. That all changed when Mike tuned my car. His dedication and very detailed instructions on the kind of data to give to him resulted in nailing both part throttle and wide open tuning to where my car was truly a great daily driver again – yet a monster at the track (10.81@122)! I also have complete confidence in the safety of the tune, as Mike spends the time to ensure the most power is made without detuning the knock sensors. I was so comfortable with Mike’s abilities that it made it easy to bump up to a much larger cam (241/249 on a 113, 110 ICL) which Mike also nailed almost instantly. Thanks Mike!”– Nick Mendola

Ricci Cavallaro – Pittsburgh, PA – 2015 Challenger Hellcat w/ Pulley, Tune, & Thermostat

Big shout out to Mike Doban and his son Micah at OST Dyno. If you want the best go to OST! They are true professionals, perfectionists, and the best at what they do. They took my 2012 SRT from a 13.2 @ 109 to a 12.3 @ 115 and got my cousin an additional 100whp after another shop tuned his supercharged 6.1 Challenger. They also made my Hellcat one of the quickest and fastest in the country. If you haven't had them tune your car you are leaving horsepower unused in your car. For any and all your performance and tuning needs from mild to wild, don't trust your car to anyone else. We will be turning up the wick come spring! Thanks, guys.

Phil Mitchell – Ontario, Canada – 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 w/ P1 Procharger

I've been working with Mike for almost 3 years now. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 equipped with a P1SC1 ProCharger. The 6.1 is still only stock bottom end, so we can't go too crazy with the boost. We started fresh with email tuning /data log revisions on a 3.70 pulley making 5 psi. In 2014 we dropped down to a 3.40 pulley, and the fall of that year is when Mike really woke my 300 up! I went to Authentic Performance in Toronto for a dyno session with Mike. He logged in remotely to my car, and to the dyno. In less than two hours, and only 2 revisions later for all intents, and purposes my car in it's current state was maxed out (tune wise). Max Power 555, and Max Torque 465, on just a little over 8 psi. I had been stuck on a personal best (PB) of 11.001 (spring 2014), and that fall I finally broke into the 10's at St.Thomas Raceway (10.96, 10.98). I managed to back it up a few weeks later at the Modern Street Hemi Shootout (MSHS) event at ATCO in NJ (10.86). 2015 the car was extremely consistent. I run it in the 11.50 (Super Stock) class in the MSHS series. Mike's tuning has definitely made my car a contender! I was able to pick up my first ever MSHS class win at Virginia Motorsports Park (VMP) in the fall. It was running the number all day prior to the race, and continued to do so again on race day. I won on a double breakout - 11.495 to an 11.477, now that was a great race! I'm very grateful that Mike attends almost all of the MSHS events. It's nice to have him there to confirm that the race tune is on point, but more importantly for the comradery. I've always listened, and taken his advice seriously...he knows what he's talking about! Finished off the 2015 season with a bunch of passes in the 10's, and managed a new PB of 10.72 @ 130.15 at St.Thomas Raceway. More boost, and more tuning to come in the future! Thanks again as always for your assistance, and great attitude Mike! Phil

Harry Platt – Pittsburgh, PA – 2012 Header Orange Challenger Classic w/ LT headers & CAI

OST Dyno, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for correcting the problems I was experiencing with my Challenger. After making several performance modifications my car was running poor, it hesitated, check engine light was on, and was getting poor mileage. I attempted to have another shop correct the problems only to no avail. After spending thousands and being disappointed I was contemplating trading in the car when I learned of your shop. Not only did OST tune and correct my mechanical problems but the car has never performed so well. I have noticed a significant power gain, immediate responds of the throttle, firmer shifts, and increased fuel mileage. Thank you for making my Challenger the car that I wanted. I wish I would have come to your shop initially. It would have saved me money and headaches. Everyone at OST is outstanding and exceptionally knowledgeable. Thanks again!

Justin Sable – Pittsburgh, PA – Fully Built Buick GN

My dad and I have been working with OST Dyno for about 3 years now. We have taken two of our cars to them and both were completed promptly and perform excellent. Mike and Micah are the dream team when it comes to tuning and fabrication. We will be sending more projects to OST in the future to get built and dialed in! Thanks!

Heriberto Macedo – San Diego, CA – 2014 Challenger R/T w/ Comp 274 Cam

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect! I have a 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T (Comp Cam 274) I had my vehicle tuned previously by two other tuners, online and locally but just wasn't tuned right. This was a tuning therapy straight from Hell that haunted me on a daily basis. The tuning from the tuners came to a conclusion possibly due to exhausting undesirable results but I ended up with the problems... for example: Idles too high, unstable dashpot, loss of performance, using too much gas 11MPG (street) etc. At this point I regretted installing the Comp Cam 274. I didn't want to give up now. I got in contact with Mike and gave him a brief description of my vehicle and the problems I was dealing with. Not going to lie to you... I also had to go through more therapy but this time it was from Mike. What sets apart Mike from others: detailed instructions, Awesome customer service, Mike has no limits; he will find a solution to the problem, and I can TRUST him. End result: car idles at 800 RPM just smooth with a subtle lobe just nice. Remember we're talking about a 274 Comp cam on a 5.7 engine. Just awesome!!! Increased MPG (14 MPG Street) / (17 MPG highway) far better than before. Increased horsepower and better acceleration. Again thank you, Mike.

Kurt Kuntz – Pittsburgh, PA – 1973 Corvette w/ 490c.i.

Hi Mike and Micah, I want to thank you both for your efforts in running my car on your dyno. You are two of the nicest people I’ve met in the car hobby. You were very professional in how you conducted my dyno session and respectful of me as a hobbyist gearhead. I appreciated that a lot. Your dyno and shop was cool to experience and visit. Sorry Micah if my early arrival and lots of talking held you back. I’ll stay away for a few days. Of course I was very happy to see the real numbers for a car I’ve worked on for years but could only guess at the results. You have helped me avoid being a I can now can say I have the dyno numbers to back up the claims. Thanks again so much for the positive experience and fun time. I will be recommending you to all my friends. Hope to see you guys around. - Kurt Kuntz

Greg Meeks – Manchester, TN – Supercharged Challenger

My experience with Mike & OST Dyno has been outstanding. I met Mike at ChallengerFest in 2013. I told him I wanted a street car & part time track car that would run in the 10s. We talked about my current setup & decided that I was going to need a little more boost & tuning to reach the 10s. I changed a pulley & put in some new injectors & Mike did the rest. I trailered my car over 600 miles to Mike so he could do the tuning on his dyno. He set me up a safe street tune. We then put in race fuel & he set me up a very nice race tune. My first time out to the track after the tuning I ran a 10.68. I sent Mike some datalogs & he made some adjustments on the race tune. He e-mailed me back a tune to try. My next trip to the track I ran a 10.55 which pretty much has me maxed out on my setup. Mike even called while I was at the track to see how everything was going. Mike's customer service is top shelf. No matter how busy he gets he will find the time to get back to you in a timely manner. I consider Mike a very good friend & one of the best tuner's around especially on a HEMI.

Tim Higley – Pittsburgh, PA – 2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 w/ HRH Camshaft

I own a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8. The car had some basic performance modifications, but I wanted to get a bit more done this past year. After doing months of research to determine what upgrades gave me the best bang for my buck I decided to upgrade the intake and cam, which would also include a custom Dyno tune. Several of the Mopar, Chrysler, and SRT forums made mention of Mike Doban and OST Dyno and the quality of their work. I discovered they were right here in the Pittsburgh area to my surprise. I called them to discuss my thoughts and ideas. They suggested additional things that would better improve the performance without much additional cost to my planned budget, which i hadn't heard of and found very intriguing. So with their input and suggestions we moved forward with completing the upgrades. In addition to what I already had planned, they touched up and cleaned my engine block, as well as installing a grounding kit for the cars electrical system. I was amazed at how much better my 300 performed after everything was installed and properly tuned. I was even more impressed with how Mike and Micah treated me from the first day I met them, till this very day. Once you become a Customer of OST Dyno it's like you're a member of their family. I can without any reservations whatsoever recommend these guys for any type of performance or tuning needs on your car. Their business continues to grow and thrive because of their professionalism, customer service, and dedication to their trade. These guys truly live up to, and believe in their motto, which is "the relentless pursuit of power"!

Matt Fallat – Pennsylvania – Challenger R/T 6-Speed

I have a very mildly modded 2009 Challenger R/T 6 speed that I had OST Dyno email tune for me a few years ago. I had awesome results after trying to get rid of some knock that was stemming from the canned predator tunes along with improved track times. After I put an SRT exhaust system on my car (OEM SRT shortys and mids mated to an SRT MBRP cat-back), I took her up to Mike to have him dyno tune it so that I was sure I wasn’t too lean and wanted to squeeze as much as I could out of it before getting into any major mods. Best pull was 345rwhp/361rwtq out of my basically stock 5.7 in 85 degree weather on his mustang dyno with 93 octane and I picked up power all throughout the curve. The only engine mods on my car is the aforementioned SRT exhaust, a fender pull cold air intake, and a 180* thermostat. The seat of the pants feeling was very noticeable. The car pulls so much harder, especially in the mid-range. What really made me happy was when he told me I was only about 50-55 peak HP shy of what stock 6.4 392 hemis do on his dyno with my basic bolt on 5.7! I can say with confidence that I would recommend OST Dyno to anyone looking for a tuner that knows what he’s doing and cares that the customer is happy. I am DEFINITELY happy with my car and will be going back to him for future modifications. I plan on getting a cam installed and tuned through OST down the road.

Don Gilmore – Pittsburgh, PA – P38 Bellytanker w/ Twin Turbo LS

Where do you go to have a 100% custom built land speed lakester race car tuned? You need to find the guys that know and love making high performance cars faster. Those guys are Mike and Micah at OST Dyno. Our team utilized OST Dyno as a design consultant for selecting turbo system components during the build. Once fabrication was complete and we needed a tune for our Bonneville Salt Flats land speed racer we again chose Mike and Micah at OST Dyno based on their extensive experience, skill, knowledge and enthusiasm for tuning high performance vehicles. The tuning process was very organized and efficient and the race car was tuned to perfection in a very fast and cost effective manner. The team's experience with OST Dyno far exceed our expectations and we have earned 5 land speed records using the tunes developed by OST Dyno. Based on our great experience with OST Dyno, we will be doing all of our future tunes at their facility.

Speedsouth/Active Power – Pelham, AL

Mike, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your help with Patrick’s 2010. In our business, knowledge, professionalism and flexibility are all required to produce great results. You delivered in all categories. Having you remotely tune my Dodge applications has allowed me re focus on race car construction and GM and Ford tuning and power development. I have enjoyed working with you on several projects and look forward to future endeavors. Thanks Again, Jim Summerville

Steve Platos – Pittsburgh, PA – Supercharged Jeep SRT8

Just wanted to take a minute to thank Mike and Micah for the time they spent with me and my jeep. They are extremely patient even when my extremely novice error caused them hours of time wasted late into the evening. As for the tune, well lets just say it is running better and smoother and pulling harder than ever! I will be returning for sure.

Premier Performance – West Jordan, UT

I have used Mike's tuning skills for my customers' cars for a few years now. It's great to have someone I can trust to remote tune these vehicles and get them dialed in perfectly for both power and reliability. He has tuned everything from 300hp Jeep Wranglers to 800hp SRT8 Grand Cherokees. Mike is always easy to work with and efficient at getting back to me quickly which is a necessity when doing a remote tune. I look forward to many more tunes and business relations. Thanks! - Heath Besner

Bill Sorochman – Pittsburgh, PA – 426c.i. 300C SRT8

If you want you performance need done right, look no farther! Mike and his crew are the best you will find for any upgrade for performance. If you have a modern performance vehicle, Mike can tune it in person or over the internet. It's simply AMAZING the results you will have when you choose OST. You will not regret it. They know modern and vintage Mopar performance like nobody else!

J. Orrand (Speedy) – Nashville, TN – 2009 Challenger RT – Supercharged VVT 6.0L Stroker

I contracted Mike at OST to perform a tuning update to my 2009 Dodge Challenger via e-mail. Due to the heavy mods on the car with the built motor and supercharger, I was a bit apprehensive about doing this tune via e-mail, but figured I’d give it a shot. Using data logs setup to Mike’s specifications we had the car dialed and running perfect in no time. Mike’s attention to detail, methodical approach, and descriptive e-mails that accompanied his tunes really made it an easy process. Mike attended ChallengerFest4 where I had him verify the street tune on the dyno and it was spot on; not one change was needed. I then had him fix me up a 109 octane race tune that got this 6 speed Challenger in the 10s in the quarter mile. I drive this nearly 600RWHP Challenger all over the place. The car has nice, smooth, linear power even with a positive displacement supercharger. Thanks for the awesome work Mike! The car really is a joy to drive. -J. Orrand

Richard Monti – Jeep SRT8 -Supercharged and Cammed 6.1

This review of my tuning experience with Mike Doban at OST Dyno is long overdue because of work and personal obligations but here it is. Mike has tuned my FI Jeep SRT8 since I purchased and installed a used Vortech V3si unit and cam. His tunes have worked extremely well from the initial startup tune to the latest revision. They have provided a nice balance of performance, and drivability. Mike lives about a half hour from me so I know first-hand how busy his daily work load is. In spite of how busy he is, he's always quick to get back when I have a tuning related question or need him to look at a log. In fact he was a huge help in diagnosing and correcting the early problems that surfaced when my install was completed. I had fueling and spark issues early on and most recently an intermittent misbehaving MAP sensor, all of which were solved in large part by Mike's input after reviewing lots of logs. In the end I had a daily driver that drove as good or better than stock, got better gas mileage, and ran 11.5's and 11.6's at 117-118mph on a good day, with 93octane, and full weight. My personal best was 11.56 @ 118.3I would have been satisfied at this point but Mike made one final revision which made things even better. The car now starts, idles, and drives even better than before. Much better than when it was stock. Top end improved as well. I got to the track once after the final revision and my trap speed improved to 121.3mph. (I ran .01 second off my PB because part throttle and mid-range response is improved to the point that now I'm having traction issues with my all-season tires.) The part throttle and mid-range response seems to be the biggest improvement with this revision. The mid-range at part throttle boost is improved to the point that my little 6.1 starts to feel like a big block. This make the drive ability that much better, especially here in Pittsburgh with all the long hills. Being able to pull a long grade on the interstate in traffic, and not having to worry about going lean or incurring any spark knock make my daily commute that much easier and more fun. Entrance ramps or passing is accomplished easily with less "pedal" than before. The "On / Off" effect of the Vortech bypass valve is minimized now to a point that it's barely noticeable, I feel like the present combination has zero compromises in drivability for the amount of performance that I now have. I was satisfied before but I have to say that with Mike's last revision I've gone from satisfied to "expectations exceeded."

Kent Irwin – Birmingham, AL – Charger R/T w/ 7.0L N/A Stroker

2011 NMCA/Modern Hemi Shootout – 5.7 N/A Class Winner 2011 Modern Hemi Shootout quickest qualifying 5.7 N/A time 2012 Modern Street Hemi Shootout – Super Stock class winner 2012 Modern Street Hemi Shootout – Quickest Super Stock class qualifying time Currently the quickest MSHS NA Iron block Hemi in the country! My experience with Mike Doban has been nothing less than stellar! Mike knows how to make power on so many platforms. Mike is knowledgeable and takes genuine interest in helping me reach my goal. With Mike we set a 5.7 NA record for Lx and Lc platform Chrysler's. We tested the full range of fuels and settled on E85. It was refreshing to work with a Mike, who admitted when he made a mistake and was always looking for ways to make more power! -Kent Irwin

Rodeheaver’s Hotrod and Auto Repair – McClellandtown, PA

I would like to take a minute to thank Mike Doban from OST Dyno for the custom tuning he offers. It has enabled me to expand my business to be able to build and now "remote" tune Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. I only offer Ford and GM tuning here at my shop, but now I am able to offer Mopar tuning thanks to Mike. Mike has tuned a few high horsepower Mopars for me to date and they have all been exceptional! I was recently at the racetrack with a customer that Mike did the tune for and the vehicle amazed us. It was an SRT8 Jeep with a Vortech kit, LT headers, and a custom Inertia cam and it ran an 11.80 on the very first hit, then backed it up with an 11.60! And this was the very first time this customer had ever driven a vehicle down the 1320! Mike has also been a great friend and someone I can rely on for his opinion for different tuning and HP making decisions. Thanks buddy. -Tim Rodeheaver

Tom Napierkowski – 34 Ford, Quad Turbo, BBC, BigStuff3 on E85

WOW! What else can I say about OST Dyno and Mike Doban other than that. This group is what a builder that thinks out of the box like me needs in a dyno shop. Whether I was building my 1938 Chevy Triple Turbo Cummins , the 1963 Twin Turbo Pontiac Lemans , or the 32 Ford Quad Turbo Roadster Pickup OST Dyno was there to bring these creations to their maximum potential. This shop speaks, eats, sleeps and drinks horsepower. They have the same passion about your car as you do. They will not feed you the old "dyno numbers game" to impress you. If you’re serious about performance, go nowhere else!

Rob Freyvogel – 1963 Pontiac LeMans – Twin Turbo BBC

1247rwhp - 8.73@162 on street tires through the mufflers HotRod Magazine 2007 “Top Ten Street Cars”
OST Dyno has been a true blessing to my hot rod habit!Mike and Micah are true professionals that take great care not to hurt my equipment when dynoing my cars. Their methodical approach to tuning gives me confidence that I will leave their shop with a safe tune that makes great power.After making any significant changes to my power train, I always go back for more dyno time. It's great fun to go to the track and lay down a big number right out of the trailer because the tune is spot on. Mike’s tech expertise with computers and his ability to solve computer to ecu communication issues make him a valuable resource to the hot rodding community. Rob Freyvogel

Bill Brown – Ohio – Dodge Charger R/T

I would highly recommend Mike at OST Dyno for any tuning development. I contacted Mike about his ability to do a remote tune since I live in Ohio and he is located in Pennsylvania. I was able to get my car on a dyno and e-mail him my data log files. Mike immediately updated the tune and sent it back to me in order to make another run. We did this 4 times, to get the car just right and I was thoroughly impressed with the results. I plan to have Mike do the same thing once I have my supercharger installed.

Dave K. – 1971 Road Runner with 6.1L Hemi Conversion

I just started working with Mike, and he already got my car up and running.....on the first try no less! I have a '71 runner' with a 6.1, but it is using a 5.7 truck PCM. Mike walked me through the data logging, and he sent me back a tune that had me driving!

Jason Coleman – N. Carolina – 5.7 N/A Charger on E85

2011 Modern Hemi Shootout “King of the Hill” Champion - Orlando 2011 Modern Hemi Shootout 5.7 N/A Class Winner - Orlando Thanks Mike - 11.69 1/4 mile run from your first revision tune !!!! Can't ask for more than that. Except that it is going to be even better when I get you some good logs. If any of you guys are looking for a tuner that will help you above and beyond then Mike is the guy. I don't vouch for people often but he does know this software inside and out. Thanks Mike!!! And this was coasting thru the finish because I ran out of gas.

Kramer Automotive Specialties – Herman, PA – Bone Stock (incl. tires) 300C SRT8 – 12.9 @ 110

I have a 2006 SRT8 300 that I purchased new. The car was garage kept for years and by 2009 it only had 2500 miles on it. I decided that if I wasn't going to drive it I may as well race it. I took it to the track and the best it did was an ET 13.54 at 103 miles per hour. I spoke with Mike at OST and decided to get baselines on since it was stone stock and had never been touched. We put it on the dyno and did numerous pulls on it and stock it was putting out between 329 hp. At that point we decided to do a few small things to it, added an LMI cold air intake and a trinity tuner. We also put a set of Dynamic Grounding Cables on the battery & engine and this change alone was good for 5 hp on my car. We also added a 180 degree thermostat on it. By the time we were done, Mike wrote a custom tune for the car putting about 369 hp! The next time I took it to the track it ran 13.20 and by end of day was running 12.97 and won the class. Since then, we raised shift points with trinity, the tires and exhaust are still stock, and the car ran a best of 12.91 at 110.70 mph. Mike really knows his way around. He's using old school technology on the new engines. It's all about efficiency and I've recommended him to many people. I'm delighted with the performance I'm getting. I highly recommend Mike and OST. Thanks! - Jim Kramer

Brad Kirkman – Ellwood City, PA – 2010 Challenger R/T w/ Magnacharger

Currently the fastest “Stock” 5.7 long block Power Adder (S/C) in the country! In the summer of 2010 Mike helped me out with my MagnaCharger tune on my 2010 5.7 Challenger. Before having Mike tune the car I was running 12.6X-12.7X with the stock Maggie tune. I started working with Mike data logging my runs. He sent a couple of tunes to try out. The MagnaChargers were just released, so no custom tunes were available. Mike met me at the track and on my first pass I got a 12.0X, A couple of tweaks from Mike got me into 11.9X and later that same day I ran a 11.79 @ 114.59 with a 60' of 1.67.There was still more power to make in the tune, but ran out of good track weather. In 2011 I took my Challenger to OST to have Mike tune it on his dyno. The power gains were impressive. With my completely stock 5.7 VVT long block, a Maggie and Mike’s tuning I was able to run an 11.27 @ 122 my first time out with the new tune. I am also very pleased with the way it runs on the street. - Brad Kirkman

Patrick O’Dohery – Birmingham, AL – 2010 Challenger R/T w/ Kenne Bell

Dear Mike and OST Dyno: First, thank you so much for being available to remotely tune my 2010 Dodge R/T Classic Automatic trans Challenger. I must say you did an outstanding job with my car so far. Let me back up some, I decided to buy the R/T version back in Sept of 2009 with the intention of modding it out quickly. Longtube headers, Corsa Extreme exhaust, and I was bound determined to put a Kenne Bell (2.8L) S/C on it. Of course, at the time, they did not have a kit for the 5.7L. However, I was confident the local speed shop here in Birmingham could handle the install even with all the custom work that had to be done. Tuning the thing has been the real experience in life. Many people said they could tune it—many equally failed. Lots of reasons behind this, Diablosport at the time did not really support this engine size, and the 2010 5.7L auto was different enough from the 09 and earlier version that it was to say the least frustrating. I had wanted to do a forged block since early this year but we all were apprehensive to mod it out more having been thru tuning hell previously. My local guys had worked with you on a few other cars and were impressed enough that one day in July they told me I could forge the engine now and turn the boost up because they knew a guy who could tune it. Coming from them that was quite the recommendation. So we got the forged block in, did the build and while we ran into delays along the way, you were always there, ready and accommodating to all of our issues. Your input to the build was invaluable to both me (the owner) and to my local install guys as well. I have to say I don’t think we could have gotten to where we are without you. As you know we are not done yet –injectors and fuel lines etc , etc but I did want to send you an open letter of recommendation. I also want to confirm you are my exclusive tuning guy from this day forward! I applaud you on your professionalism and your abilities as well. I love the monster torque this little 5.7L makes now! *Patrick has since upgraded to a 426 Hemi and rear-mount 88mm turbo setup. We tuned this configuration to over 1000whp.*

Phil Nichols – Eau Claire, WI – Charger R/T with 392c.i. on E85

Thanks Mike for a great tune and all the support you gave me. You have outstanding customer service. The car runs great and I could not have broken the 5.7 HEMI N/A Stroker Record without your help. Thanks!

Adam Tschakert – Charger R/T

I just wanted to thank OST Dyno for your services in tuning my vehicle. I feel you have taken the time to fully answer all & any questions along the way. Your very quick to respond to emails & make any tune adjustments I requested, along with a great one time price to boot. I truly appreciate your services & and the great ET's it has provided for me at the track.