OST Dyno Remote Tuning Options

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  • Gold Level is is our standard remote tuning offering and includes up to 8 revisions. This is a complete tune and will include a race fuel tune if requested. Response times vary depending on workload and will always be notated in my signature section in email replies. All correspondence for this process is by email. Detailed instruction for installing the tunes and datalogging will be provided. After 8 revisions there will be a per revision charge. Pricing is listed in the "Gold Level Tuning Prices" section HERE.


  • This option is intended for the individual or shop that needs prioritized tuning support and is willing to pay a premium for it.  This is an “add on” to our Gold Level tuning option. Except for blackout periods we will attempt to respond to emails within 4 hours, M-F 8am to 5pm. Blackout periods include weekends, holidays, vacation and track events. Response times are currently in the 1-2 hour range or quicker – but this will vary depending on the workload in our shop. This service will also include direct communication via messaging or remote control software if required. This level of support should be scheduled prior to ordering. To utilize this option a “Gold Level” tune must be purchased and this service can be added. 
  • Daily - $150/day - For the customer that would like to have focused tuning support for a day. 
  • Weekly - $500 per week - Intended for the customer with a big build, difficult tune and desiring focused tuning support for a week to get their car dialed in quickly. 
  • Live Remote - $200/hr. - This is for the customer that needs immediate responses in real time. Usually at a track event or a remote dyno session. Two hour minimum.
  • These options can be purchased HERE