Remote Tuning Requirements and Policies

Remote Tuning Requirements

                 To begin the remote tuning process please review and complete the following steps:

Purchase a remote tune:

  1. Purchase a remote tune online here -  Remote Tuning Purchases  

Required Hardware:

  1. A HPtuners module with credits is required. If you do not own one you can purchase a module w/credits here - Remote Tuning Electronics
  2. If you own a 2015 or newer Mopar you will need an unlocked PCM. If you do not own one you can purchase one here - Remote Tuning Electronics
  3. If you own a 2018 or newer Mopar you will also need a "Bypass" module. There are 2 choices that can be purchased here - Remote Tuning Electronics
  4. A wideband O2 sensor is required for wide open throttle tuning (except Hellcats/Trackhawks/Demons). There are several options here - Remote Tuning Electronics


  1. All remote tuning customers must complete the "Remote Tune Checklist" and email it to
  2. You will need to extract and email the current tune in your car. If you have an "original backup" or stock tune please email this also.
  3. Tutorial videos on extracting tunes and using HPtuners can be found here -  YouTube Channel.
  4. Please include the serial# of your HPtuners module with your original backup file.
  5. All emails should be directed to

Remote Tuning Policies

                      Remote tuning requires involvement on the part of the remote tuning customer that would not normally occur with an in-house dyno tuning session. Below is a summary of requirements and policies regarding remote tuning:

  • Basic computer knowledge is required to utilize this process.
  • Familiarity with sending/receiving email, adding and opening email attachments, installing software, etc. is necessary.
  • All emails should be directed to
  • Please do not call our shop for remote tuning updates or revisions. This service is separate from services provided at our shop. 
  • Understanding of the data logging process, reading and loading tunes. We do have videos reviewing this process on our YouTube Channel.
  • Data logs attached to an email should contain the name of the tune revision that the data log was run on.
  • Emails sent with a data log should  be short, descriptive and only contain one data log unless multiple logs are requested by us or are required to resolve a problem.
  • Do not send multiple emails in the same day unless you have purchased the "Titanium" level of service.
  • Tune revisions for "Gold Level" service will be replied to in the order received and within the time period described in my email signature.

Note: Re-tuning (injector change, cam change, fuel change etc.) for both GM and Mopar is an additional charge.